Monday, January 23, 2012

18 months, or "I can wine* and say mine and be sweet. all in 5 minutes."

Sleeping.  first day of 18 months.
You are simply scrumptious.  Adorable.  I missed it because I checked the monitor and you had "lambie's" surrounded around you and "bummy."  Oh how I love how you save bummy.  And lambie is more like "neenie."  Which is the same as Maggie.  You like to say "I driming" meaning that you want to "drive" one of our cars.  You really love the 'ol broad (the volvo.)  You wake up saying "mama."  You had a manic day at Target yesterday which made me so incredibly thankful that dada was home.  Are you going to eat what I cook you?  sometimes.  You would eat "dodurt" for any meal.  Any time I call someone you think it's Glammy.  You would brush your teeth (aka suck toothpatse off of the toothbrush) all hours of the day.  You love your bath.  You now refuse to sit in your wagon or stroller and we had the longest walk of all times yesterday.  For 2 blocks.  it took for-ever.  It's adorable.  You still love to slide.  dodurt.  Have I mentioned dodurt?  I've rocked you to sleep multiple times lately because it's so sweet.  You really love to cuddle then.

Drinking sparking water.  Feeling the "bubbles" with your finger.
 You've started watching and LIKING tv.  Am I a bad mama for liking that?  Today you snuggled while we watched 2 episodes of Olivia (which you still just sing "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" over and over to say you want to watch it.)  You also LOVE when they sing goodnight olivia and today gave me the remote to rewind and said "more.  more."
 Pretending to eat the couscous and butternut squash I made.  It was delish.

THIS is a sweet face.  Seriously.  So sweet.

And, I'm not a clever tshirt lover.  But with boys, they abound.  This is a where's waldo that says, "Dude, I'm right here."  I laughed outloud at target (mecca).  This also made me know that I'm a lame ass boy-mom.  Yah, I'm aware.  No need to leave a comment.   

The obsession with bubbles reins supreme.

I love him.  A lot.  He exhausts me.  I couldn't change it.  How the hell he got this old, I don't know?  But it's stopping now. 
**I.  Meaning Mama can "wine" and G can "whine."  Yes, I see the misspelling.


CDS said...

18! I can't believe it...I can't believe C will be 15 months in a's insane! You're amazing...I love him and I you inspire me to blog more about her. When can we skype so these two can meet, fall in love and we can shop at target together with our grandchildren?

Meg said...

you let me know when you figure out how to make him stop growing (maybe try coffee?? Ive always heard it stunts growth) Im DYING to stunt some growth over here....they get too big too fast. (OMG, I sound so cliche....)

Deana said...

That picture with the cup? They eyes. I'm completely hypnotized.

What a gorgeous kid. And I'm not just complimenting you to get you to move closer so I can compliment and adore your kid all the time. Unless that stuff helps.