Monday, January 9, 2012

Everybody jump jump jump

G loves to jump.  He will jump and jump and jump until I try to capture it.  Seriously.  Every.  Single.  Time.

The arms crossed maneuver.

The I'm ignoring you and watching Oleeya Or "Ahhhhhhh" sung in a high pitched cutest ever voice.  I will also try to capture.  And yes, that IS a sheet on my couch.  Because I hate dog hair.  More than anything (other than running out of wine.)  Though Maggie isn't allowed on the couch... she sleeps on it all night.  I just need me some plastic wrap.  Or an alarm.

And finally, after 5 minutes maybe 30 seconds of "jumping" we pull out the phone to get it.  First, a "no."  Jumping.  Then off.

And not at all related... but when I was having my big night (for work) in a hotel the other day (and the interwebs were down--THE NERVE) I got this video of "Mama, Mardu?"  (Where are you?)  I love it.  Love.  Watch it over and over.  Don't judge his refuse of utensils.  he's going through a "thing."  He "thing" also often includes chewing things up and then handing them to me.  He's sweet.


Shaina said...

all your vids are "private" so I can't see your boys mad hops. I will trust that he can jump higher than most white boys.

A.B. said...

Shaina, this post isn't even about boobs! Your changing your posting style :)

He does not have an ups. Just pretend.

I think I fixed it?

Vickie said...

Obviously his momma was trying to give away one of his best kept secrets. Gotta keep some of his skillz secret for when he plays hoops! Or has a playdate and needs something to impress the other kiddos :)

Shaina said...

He is just working on his form. He'll be on his way to a scholarship in no time.

post about boobs, and I will comment for ya!

CDS said...

He's the best!