Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things that happened in my life today--get excited.

I had some facial waxing done today (hello, dark haired ladies (and men)--you feel me?) and I was talking with Chen.  Usually, I understand her just fine.  today not so much.  We were talking and then all of a sudden she was laughing at the difference between a cow boy and a cowboy... and how one is a boy that is in charge of the cows.  I don't know how we got there because I had been politely laughing and agreeing with a lot of things. Y'all this is like a relaxing event for me because I get to lay in a comfy bed thing with my eyes closed.  So--cow boy.  cowboy.  there you have it, but I'm moo-stash-eo free now.

G$ was snacking while I was making dinner (homemade chicken pot pie--which he loved--I made up the recipe, but let me tell you, it involves crescent rolls.  done.)  Maggie walks into the kitchen and vomits on the floor.

Griffin asked for a "didder" (sticker) and so I gave him one.  cooked.  looked down and he was chewing.  Um, Griffin did you just eat your sticker?  Answer, "yah."  I'm an awesome mom.

G had scarfed down dinner.  Been really sweet.  Learned how to giggle my thighs while I'm standing (he finds this to be hilarious...which makes me laugh.  My thighs have been best friends all of these years for THIS moment).  We go up to take a bath and he sits on the potty before bath time and so I take his diaper off only to put my hand in shit.  Literal shit.  When did he shit himself?  How did I not notice?

Momhood is gross, my friends.  Grosser when your husband is out of town apparently.
Those dimples are from me.


Shaina said...

at least your kid just ate the sticker, my kid would have shoved it up his nose. eating them was sooo 10 months ago... and I don't miss poopy diapers one bit.

A.B. said...

this at least doesn't involve tweezers. I hope?