Sunday, January 1, 2012


G$ is sickers.  Thankfully he slept last night ALL NIGHT... the night before, not so much.  I did try to coerce him into sleeping with me which he thought was funny and wanted to play.  It was unreasonable.  He also has projectile snot.  too much?  Maybe.  It's gross.  He's gone multiple places with real bad crusty nose.  White trash.

We went to the farmers market.  Road the train at the mall.  Went to a local cheese shop.  Played football in the front yard (like any good Texan should do.)  Had amazing wine.  Had smores with nutella.  Met our neighbors.  Watched some fireworks in our front yard (while we were roasting our marshmellows over a turkey fryer... in our yard.)  Awesome town.

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Courtneytcu98 said...

Love the collage. Educate me?