Friday, January 20, 2012

Give me drugs.

An epidural.  You have your whatever drug you want.  I kind of want an epidural.  I think it's my drug of choice (other than wine.  And roman coke.  Because y'all, alcohol is a DRUG...of choice.  If I'm not getting an epidural.)

Ben has been in Detroit this week.  It's apparently a crazy blizzard.  He's stuck there.  Efffffffffffffffffff.  You know why this saddens me?  Because my child acted like this today.  Yah, screaming.  Crying.  Miiiiiiiiinnnneeeeeeeee.  Because I wouldn't let him hold the effing bubbles.  But the way he says bubbles sure is cute.  I also wouldn't let him run in the street after I figured our neighbors were hating us as I pulled him down to the the mail in the wagon and he was SCREAMING "MAMAMAMAMA.  Dowwwwwwnnnn."  So I let him down.  and talked to our neighb's with a baby.  When G took off into the street.  And had a major melt down when I told him he couldn't run in the street.  I'm sure he'll have some sort of therapy about this.  Then I saw that Gizmo had gotten out.  Surely Maggie had run away.  Which actually didn't happen.  This is by no means the entire meltdown.  Don't let him fool you with sweetness.  It didn't continue.

But then there was this.  That also happened today.  He learned to play the harmonica!  It's kind of one of those things that your kid learns and you are so excited for them because they are SO proud of themselves and then you also know that if you were trapped in a small space and it happened non stop you'd want to punch them in the neck?  I think that's probably also how snapping will be.  Note to self.  Don't teach Griffin to snap.  Warning.  You may want to turn the volume down because my obnoxious mom voice is super loud.

He's so excited he couldn't not jump.

Then when I was putting him to bed early.  I was rocking him and put my hand on the other side of his face.  I went to move it and he put it back and said "more."  I melted a little.  And forgot how miserable he was being earlier.  And I wanted to stay.

And I still would like for Ben to come home tomorrow.


Heidi Bruch said...

That "tantrum" was nothin'. He's delish. Our friends were just transferred to Houston from manhattan. Not sure where you are, but is it weird that if we visit them soon, I want to meet up? Im actually not sure how you are connected to the people I am.

Meg said...

I love this. I often want to punch my kids in the neck. A quick karate chop. Happy's Ben's punishment. Detroit!? GACK, I couldn't imagine a worse place to be stuck. Hope he was on the correct side of 8mile.
Your boy is lovely. I like kids who lose their minds.

A.B. said...

That tantrum was a small portion of the flailing and screaming and eye rolling. That last part was me.

Would LOVE to meet up in Houston. Tons of friends there and it's where Ben went to college (Rice.) We're about 2 hours away in Austin.

I know nada about detroit. He made it home without any gang wounds so I'm going to take it as a bonus.

I"m taking a "mental health moment" while downing a glass of wine and my husband is outside with G.

Girls trip? I'll bring boxed wine and curling irons.

Nikki said...

Roman coke? You mean "rum and coke"... come on sorority girl :)