Thursday, January 19, 2012

abundant sunshine. It's what they call me.

Well, dinner, breakfast, and lunch.. and probably a snack after my nachos.  Ben is out of town so I've been eating a lot of cereal.  Specifically, this one box.  And I love it.  And I'm still hungry.  And I still haven't decided if white or red wine is the best accompaniment.  G$ has lots of homemade meals.  Y'all, he lives a pretty good life. Maybe a good life without new shoes, but a good life nonetheless.

We also had this as our weather today.  Abundant Sunshine.

 Warm.  It's January 19.  Dude. I'm supposed to get to wear jackets.  I love jackets.  And sweaters.  And other cold weather accessories.  And the sight of snow.  I get basically none of these.  So maybe they don't call me abundant sunshine.  Maybe it's sunshine with a side of bitter and sassy?  Other wise known as sarcasm.

I told Ben a story about griffin the other day and it involved the fact that our 18 month old doesn't yet get that.  He said, "welllllllll I suppose he'll learn pretty quickly or not get you at all."  Here's hopin'.  Here's hopin.  Other ways he can get me...
1.  I like q tips with the plastic middle part.  I find the cotton to not fall apart on the ends.  That feeling/sound makes me ick out.
2.  I'm not good at resolutions.  3 days ago I resolved to floss daily.  I've already failed.
3.  I like a cold beverage.  Unless it's water--then plain.  Or red wine... but I do prefer that chilled.
4.  I desire curly hair.
5.  I can't fold a fitted sheet.  Sorry Martha.
6.  I like to steam mop.
7.  I dislike cleaning bathrooms.
8.  My sister liked to sleep in her closet.  This, in fact, has nothing to do with me, but randomly came to mind.
9.  I don't deal well with girl dramas.
10.  I think cereal is a perfectly fine meal.  For me.  Not for him.  Double standards are a bitch.
11.  No one calls me "abundant sunshine."


CDS said...

You're my abundant sunshine!

A.B. said...

I knew it, ceci. when did you start calling me that? 1999?

Shaina said...

fitted sheets suck, my hair went curly after having E and I don't like it one bit, what's a resolution?, girl drama-who needs it? I do love cereal, but my go to meal is chips and guac, and the hubs thinks I am cri-zazy because of it.

btw - I would give my left thumb to have some sun right now. I say my thumb because right now it is sprained, black and blue and pretty much useless. I hope to blog about it later...

A.B. said...

I often suggest cereal as a meal to ben and he tells me that it's not one. Whatevs, b, whatevs.

I call you shay shay for your gangsta name. Come on. Everyone needs one.

Chips and guac is like heaven.

Left thumbs are kind of a big deal because I use mine to put on mascara. Which we all know is the sign of glamour.

did you sprain it on cold weather? If so. I dislike. I don't want to do that. Please blog about. And show pics. I went down a slide with G$ yesterday and probably broke my IT band.

Shaina said...

shay-shay, its like you knew me in jr. high or something.

left thumbs can be very glamorous just not when they are swollen.

funny you mention a slide, that is how the sprained thumb came about.

if I can get my kid to sleep I will blog later other wise you will have something to look forward to tomorrow.

A.B. said...

I kind of wish someone called me brown sugar, though.