Monday, January 16, 2012


Remember how I'm an amazing mom that only gives her kids organic food and says things like, "no you can't have yogurt, but you can have some gummies (annies, obvs)" yah... me either.  Except I said that the other day.  Then I felt dumb.

Anyway.  today we had a smoothie.  G$ loved his mooomy.  Because that's what he called it.  And asked for more.  And didn't really eat dinner.  Parent fail?  Maybs.  Whatever.  He had spinach.  And napped for 2.5 hours after our children's museum adventure today (another post for another time.)  And he calls Gizmo, "dada." Who leaves tomorrow. And I get reacquainted with single momhood... unless "dada" learns to get go go gadget arms, opposable thumbs and change a diaper.  Which--I'm totes holding out hope for.....................

And if I've learned ANYTHING from Tyra, it's that G is totally smizing in that picture above.  Yah, the one who I can't get to turn the right way.  That one.  Take it.


jill said...

woohoo for smoothies! never done peach, may have to try it soon.

CDS said...

When did he start having smoothies? What kind do you make? xo Emal me.