Thursday, January 5, 2012

Remember when I used to be witty?

Yah, I don't really either... except when I go back and read things and think, ahhhhhhhhhhhh you must have gotten more sleep then, or less sleep and was more punchy.

Remember when Scott Wolf was on Party of 5 and wasn't a creeper who blew up a house on NCIS?  Hotty hotterpants Bailey.  An option for G$'s name was Bailey.  Granted, G$ was my original name.  I wasn't clear of what Griffin's gangsta name would be until he was born.  I think you have to check out the grill before you can solidify the name.  Granted, he did not have teeth when born (THANK GAWD) so we had to wait it out.

So here is to more sleep, funnier posts, more punches.  Bring it 2012.  Bring.  it.  And maybe weight loss.  And more leg shaving.  More dusting.  More crib sheet changing.  More frugalness.  Better eating.  Better correspondance.  Better recycling.  Better wine?  More snuggles.  Less annoyances.  Cleaner bathrooms.  Smaller jeans.  LOTS more running.  Less sensible shoes.  And a 7th anniversary (on Sunday)

Whatchu got goin' on?

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