Thursday, January 5, 2012

Product love.

I like products.  I go in phases of needing them.  Simplifying.  Moving on.  I went through a phase of using a dove beauty bar (for the last year or more?) as my primary face wash.  I read somewhere that it's simple.  It's best.  You're great.  It was.  I like it ok.  I'm now focused on my "fine lines."  I also wear a lot of mascara sometimes so that my lashes are long and luxurious (and occasionally itchy, and crusty.)  So when I went to sephora the other day for my new head for my clarisonic mia (which I totally endorse, bt dubs--PS.  I have not been paid for this advertisement.  It's off my own accord.  So if you want to pay me, I'll tell you what you want to hear.) I checked out the sample section at the checkout.  my downfall.  I bought this because I'd read about it and I LOVE it.  It takes a little amount and totally takes off makeup, mascara, and leaves your skin soft and not dry.  It doesn't smell amazeballs, but it doesn't smell like balls either.  Selling point?

Next to add to my list?  Great reviews.  I am hoping it is the magic eraser to my lines.  Or maybs I'll just use the magic eraser.  Y'all, have you tried it?  It's filled with unicorns and butter and other amazing things.  I need this for my face.  I've also been working like a mad woman and am taking comp time tomorrow to get my hura did.  Good bye ratty hair and gray, hello paid for blondes and smooth ends.  Until I move that bus and jack my hair up with the curling iron.


CDS said...

Oh that's nice to know!!...I need to start taking better care of my skin! xoxo

A.B. said...

they have a little bottle for like $15. I likes. I have been using dove and cetaphil cream... perhaps I should have upped my game a while ago instead of buying jeans I wear once a week?

Courtneytcu98 said...

If the little bottle is $15, what is the big(ger) bottle? And which product do you like more?

A.B. said...

I've only bought the face wash "dear sister, dear sister... sung to the toon of "there's a hole in the bucket" in case you missed that.

I bought the big bottle today at $38. I think it will last a really long arse time because you don't have to use much of it. Then again. I've also spent approximately $3 on face care in the last year.

My lines are getting strong though. So, yah.