Monday, May 21, 2012

All it takes is one time.

Just once.  And then... you question all child having decisions.

I let G$ nap with me on Sunday.  He always asks "I nigh nigh mama's bed?"  Meaning he wants to go night night with me.  Because when he's sick.  That's the way it works.  It's an addiction.  Clearly, he will be an addict.  He's also addicted to apple sauce and yogurt.  And yogurt covered raisins.  And shitting his pants.

So yesterday I let him try it.  Then we went to the water park.  After going on a family run yesterday morning.  And he was exhausted.  And then he slept until 2 AM at which point he switched to screaming for the next 4 hours.  And "sleeping" with me again for one hour.  Then he screamed again at nap time.  Losing.  My.  Mind.  Mama's sweet love is an addiction.  Considering switching his addiction to hard liquor.  Or maybe that's what happened to him when he was jumping and then was crying and busted his lip and I feared his teeth fell out.  They didn't.  Then I free style cut his hair.  It was awesome.

So enjoy the pictures from this weekend.

In the middle of our run.  Post turtle looking.  Not wanting to get back in stroller.

Cheese.  Our self portrait at the pool.

At the farmers market.  The guy is doing the splits while he waits for customers.  Of course.

Post long run 2nd breakfast.  The first one included the words "breakfast taco."

Little gym luau



Heidi Bruch said...

Yikes! Four hours? Ps so jealous you are hanging at a pool in may. Wow.

Shaina said...

kinda looks fab, minus the split lip. check out my bliggity blog, a little something, something just for you...

NickandKatieAdams said...

You had me at breakfast tacos.
You look so cute in your bikini, brave girl.
Would a big bed of his very own excite him?
They kind of scare me but I'm really excited to buy new bedding.

A.B. said...

Oh... I plan to trap him in his bed for as long as possible. That's normal, right?

I wear bikini's on 2 occasions--1 is in a foreign country and the other is if I'm absolutely 100% sure I will not see anyone I know. Sigh. This was the 2nd one.

heidi, we need to come visit. It's already too hot here. Or you come for a weekend and you'll have your fill. I'll drive around with Hayds in my car and let her belt it out.

vickie said...

your pool looks PRETTY AWESOME. Maybe our eventual playdate should be there....