Friday, May 4, 2012


The scientific method.  You know what I remember about it?  The phrase "Queen Rocks Hard Ever Other Time."  It's how you were supposed to remember the steps.  sadly.  Last night after telling Ben that I go about things very scientifically because he suggested that I'm more of a "gut" feeling-er.  Which I am.  Kind of.  Except that I like to go through and use scenarios.  I mean, I'm not an impulse buyer.  Clearly that points to something scientific.

Also, I've been doing some scientific ovulation experiments.  Aka.  Peeing in a cup and then dipping a stick into it to test my ovulation.  (TMI?)  I found them on amazon.  (It's become a problem) and there were a million of them for $15 and delivered to my door.  No, I'm not currently having a bebe.  Just thinking about it.  And thinking about having babies literally sends my mind into overdrive of scientificness--aka, when is the perfect time and what would make that child's bday and I don't want it to be in summer, or at christmas, or in january or really february and I want to keep working out, and what if I get sick this time and it isn't glorious, can I go on vacation before this happens, what if I can't have drinks?  is it still vacation?  can I really manage with 2?  does your heart ACTUALLY magically grow?  where will we put the stuff?  can G sleep in a crib forever?  the list goes on.  You adequately believe I'm crazy, right?

Anyway, so I remind Ben of this experiment last night after this discussion and he's all "Oh yah.. How is that going?" 

I'm all... "well... I do it when I get home from work and then by the time the 5 minutes time frame is up I've already forgotten about it and don't check for a few hours so..... inconclusive." 

He laughed.  Shook his head.  Said, "you're pretty.  You're like a smart Penny."  (from big bang theory.  which we had just watched.  and maybe I referenced his similarities to Sheldon.)


CDS said...

1. I love BBT, Penny :)
2. Ovulation and Babies...oh my
3. Can't we time it so we go for #2 together? I'm thinking next spring for knock uppage?

A.B. said...

I have fears of it taking me 15 years to get preggo (also my crazy) and then being like 45 with a 17 year old and a newborn.

No specific timeline but I like elastic pants.

Jill said...

I had the same fear about it taking years and it didn't. At all. And that's how I ended up with a baby born in February just over 10 weeks ago instead of now which is what I thought it would be in my head. And two is amazing. You can totally manage!!