Tuesday, May 22, 2012

winkle winkle

This sweet baby?  Yah... I took him to the doctor today CONVINCED that something was wrong with him.  I mean, why else would he scream for hours on Sunday night?  Why when it's time for him to lay down does he cry?  Why today at nap time did I give him advil, ear numbing drops and orajel?  To cover all bases.  Because I just needed a minute.  And clearly, the child is in pain.

So I skipped my play date to care for my sweet sick baby.

That nothing is wrong with.

That charmed the socks off of the dr's office.

That will be $25.


CDS said...

Mine has been crying for the past hour...any clues?

vickie said...

Oops. Bad advice from your neurotic friend. Doesn't crying always = ear infections? :) Who knew. However, I believe that my child's tantrum-to-end-all-tantrum's today leaving daycare (thanks, kid) MUST put G$'s antics to shame. I'm still traumatized.

A.B. said...

She declared that it was probably just a little bit of separation anxiety.

Vickie... I doubt it. I think T is charming :)

Heidi Bruch said...

This is the cutest video ever. You are a darling mama.

Meg Sal said...

I LOVE this video!!! (and G$ and 5 sound shockingly similar while singing that song!)

of course he was charming at the drs office....that's how it always goes! :)