Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mama's day

Last year I was all disgruntled and disappointed and wanted to drink cocktails while driving my car off of a cliff due to the screaming baby who could not be reasoned with.  

This year, my first (third) mothers day.  I had my first mothers day with g in utero.  My second first mother's day that we will not count as it was miserable and then this year, my first third mother's day!  This year we wised up and got a dvd player.  changes your lives.  So does the fact that my child isn't dependent upon the boob for his sources of nutrition.  And that my husband was home.  And basically... my first third mothers day went really well!  

I mean, I didn't get a poem spoken to me in honor of my amazingly kick ass mothering.  I DID get a card and some kendra scott earrings.  And, I got to be a mama.  And, I got to spend the weekend with MY mama.  And my sister.  Who is an awesome mama with her 2.5 children.  And I got to eat my favorite foods.  And my child slept almost the whole way home to the ATX (that's for you Brooke. wink wink.)

So it was awesome.  Lets do it again.

Check out those earrings.  Thanks G$ for driving downtown.  I needed that :)


Courtneytcu98 said...

I kind of hate that picture of me. No make-up, less-than clean hair, and giant stomach. Can we have a do over?

A.B. said...

If we have a do over does it still include me eating 500 pieces of pizza and splitting a pitcher of beer with mamacita?

CDS said...

He's the best A! Really love you both oooodles. ...and boyfriend Ben.