Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's effing humid.

12 miles.  It was 75 at 6 AM and about 95% humidity.  Thankfully, I have a new skirt to run in.  Kick asses.

You can tell I'm the model by the lack of muffin tops.  And the thighs not touching.  

OH wait.  Not true.  I have both muffin tops and bff thighs.  Thank gawd for body glide.  I also love a running skirt.  Judge me.  It's awesome.  Has a lot of pockets and I can wear spandex without anyone seeing it.  AND NO ONE SHOULD SEE IT.

I also wore body glide to a wedding last night.  Y'all.  It's hot and humid.  A girls gotta do...

Also.  Anyone notice that when you self take a picture and have the photo "flipped" on your phone and notice your eyes are super wonky and you haven't even been drinking?  My eyes are wonky when they are reversed.  

So we had someone else take it.  Still not good.  (we are pre-weddinging at whole foods.)

bonus points. 12 miles.  Pedicure.  3 year old bday party.  Curling my hair.  Shoving 80 thousand bobbypins in my hair.  Prosecco at whole foods.  Wedding.  Driving.  Babysitter telling us "this one is on her."  attempting to read in bed.  failing.  Pretty good Saturday.


Heidi Bruch said...

You look gorgeous. Love the lulu skirt...there is a store 5 minutes from me-danger. Prosecco makes my mouth water.

A.B. said...

Heidi, one of my good friends owns a women's workout store. Lets just say... I get a discount. And it's amazing. Or not amazing. Depending on how you look at it :)

CDS said...

You look amazing. Quelle surprise. Love you both.