Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dreams and books and 5:15 wake ups.

On Tuesdays I run hills.  This month I think every street I run on has "mountain" in the name.  The alarm startles me every time.  The thing is.  I'd rather get up at ungodly hours than run in the evenings.  I've lost steam by then.  It's so so so hot by then.  And, like last night, Griffin told me to have a galss of wine at 5:30 and I did.  He's very persuasive. 

This morning I woke up dreaming about a girls weekend that was filled with other people who's blogs I read.  Not sure why I was dreaming about that.  Maybe because I dream write.  I dream up hilarious blogs when I'm laying in bed about to fall asleep.  I'm very funny in my head.  Then I forget.  I also "catch up" on blogs before I go to bed at night.  So I read about your families, what you did, funny things your kids say, what you are making, what you are eating, what your child ate, how your MIL pissed you off (wait, no... just me dealing with that at this point?) etc. 

Anyway, I ran across this book this morning and the description of it makes me laugh.  And think about myself.  And that I don't have time for 52 dates to find a new soul mate.  So instead I'll cyber stalk you without your knowledge.

Sounds fair, right?


Shaina said...

don't even get me started on my MIL, I could write write a 3 part series. I too have been dreaming about my fellow bloggers, great minds (or crazy ones) think alike!

A.B. said...

I've been (non silently) being angry about a certain comment phrased "you have a mother, too." STEW STEW STEW.

I'll take a crazy mind :)

Shaina said...

did the certain person who made said comment get punched in the throat? btw-I have a pact with a friend that I will punch her if she ever starts to act like either of our MIL's and vice versa for me. Although if I ever act like mine, I will deserve more than a punch in the throat. and yes I know I might burn in hell for writing this...