Thursday, May 3, 2012

signing time.

SO when I get home in the afternoons, for the one hour my child naps, I sit down and eat lunch and catch up on tv.  Problem is that when I turn it on it's still on PBS from G$ watching the 'Street in the mornings.  And this lady is on.

Am I a bad person that everything about her annoys me?  I cannot change the channel fast enough.   I think she probably dresses her babies in pleated kacki's and woven vests and really white tennis shoes. (#occupyhell).  I don't know how to use the #, but I know the cool kids are doing it.  This is just me telling you that I'll be occupying hell (that I don't believe in.)

I feel about her the way I feel about the parent who makes ornate animals out of their kids lunchbox food.  I won't lie I cut G's sammy into shapes the other day and he ate the whole effing thing and asked for more, but in general I do not create scenes with his food.

And in other scenes of food--the devil dog ate a night time diaper today.  On the couch.

I'm selling her.  Actually, I'll trade you the dog for a new couch.


CDS said...

Oh goodness this made me LOL...or should I say #thingsthatmakemelaugh ;)

A.B. said...

Do NOT get me wrong. I love signing. Love.

she make-a me crazy.

Shaina, are you suggesting I come have a confrontation and tell her what's up?

Cate said...

This made me silently laugh until I cried - the part about the signing lady a little, the part about the dog and the diaper a lot.