Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wet hair.

G$ likes when I have wet hair.  He plays with it.  I like having my hair played with so maybe I should use it as an incentive to shower more often?   Doubtful.

Yesterday morning, pre-shower, G kept touching my hair and saying "wet hair mama."

I finally had to give in and tell him it was just grease.

I'm plagued by white girl hair.  My Iranian friend, who often refers to herself as "white" last night when I told her this said, "Girl, I can go for four days without a problem.  You white girls must start counting down the hours."

You have no idear.  Anyone else plagued by this?  I desire a diana ross afro.  Always have.  Always will.


CDS said...

I can go a week...gross in theory...but awesome.

Carol said...

Daily but in highschool, good god my hair was so oily i could've washed it 2x per day!

EMAAC said...

Daily, daily, daily. My hairdresser was advising me to try to wash every other day because of the essential oils naturally produced, blah blah blah. Doesn't work for me, my hair is too fine and too prone to oil for that to work.

A.B. said...

I can do every other day. It's taken me a LONG time. Mostly it's out of laziness that this happens. Sundays are often a "no hair wash" day for me.

Ceci you and Adine could be great on a trip to the outback.

Shaina said...

I used to do the daily thing, but I tried a Brazilian Blow out a couple years ago and had to "train" my hair to go at least every other day. I have been able to stick with that, but I know gals that have trained their fine "white girl" hair to go longer in between. Since having E, my texture completely changed so I think that has helped me go a little longer.