Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amanoa. ** updated

Can you have latent pregnancy brain?  because mine revisited yesterday.  twice.  I was ironing on the letters for my jersey for Sunday (San Diego WHA WHAAA).  I couldn't figure out why no matter how I turned the N it looked backwards.  Or why when I went to iron on my letters they stuck to the wash cloth.

Probaby because the wash cloth is the wrong material I decided.  (Though I know that's what I've used in the past.)  This time I'll use a pillow case.  So I had to up and get myself to Michael's and buy some more letters.  Thank goodness they now come with 3 A's because it saves me from having to use a V.  I'm arranging my letters.  SAME ISSUE WITH THE N!!!  I make Ben come in and check it out.  He tells me that it is indeed backwards.  Because I need to turn the letters all over.

Hm.  Well, that makes sense.  So I'm saved!

Until I realize that I apparently forgot to turn the D and the A over and they were then afixed to my pillow case.  EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.  So then I had to use an O and an V.  I'm no stranger to the creative A.  Or iron on letters for that matter as I've done this approximately..... a MILLION TIMES.

So maybe people will be chearing for Amanoa on Sunday.  I hope she has a good race.

SO I put down the iron.  Picked up a glass of wine.  Over ate some pizza and laughed and cried to Modern Family. 

Anyone have these moments?  When the brain seems to not be working?  When you question your ability to drive heavy machinery?

Just me?


CDS said... are the best! I started running again on Monday...this meant that this morning I was deserving of a cuban pastry for breakfast...naturally!

A.B. said...

I ran one mile this morning and am considering getting a donut. You bring meaning to my life... you're the inspiration.

Sarah K said...

Been there. Last night I was making a few *very simple* pillow cases. After cranking out 5 of them with ease, I got to the 6th one, stared at the fabric for a few minutes and literally couldn't figure out what my next step was. It was like someone had erased all memory of the previous few hours. SO frustrating! Mommy brain at it's finest! Go AMANOA!

A.B. said...

Exactly, Sarah. I just could NOT figure it out. Mommybrain is bad sometimes!

I wish I could jam out some pillow cases. I need a sewing lesson. and a sewing machine.

jill said...

i thought the whole time the D was an O but couldn't convince myself until i read it. i lover reading your posts.

A.B. said...

Le sigh. All truth. Fingers crossed I have all I need and makes it there. Im ready to change the world.