Friday, September 3, 2010

Hippy Food Box.

So the hubs and I have recently signed up for a hippy food box delivery every other week. Yesterday was the first day of our hippy-ness. I found it fitting that I also had Starbucks that morning and attempted to buy lipgloss. We're like those fake hippies that go to a hippy music festival in their bmw, expensive jeans, haven't showered or brushed their hair, and a piece of leather tied around their heads.

I'm not one of those people as I have showered EVERYDAY since Griffin has been born. You may not think that's a big deal, but it is.

Anyway, so last night we had sweet potato greens, acorn squash, and pork chops. The box is kind of awesome. We're also thinking of signing up with another hippy food company that does meat, fruit and cheeses. I heart cheese. A lot.

Anyway, so back to my lip gloss. One, they seem to only have it online even though I've purchased it in store before. The ladies at the counter look confused when I ask for the color I want. Then, Kathy, tells me how she stayed home with her baby 17 years ago, well, her and her husband, now ex, not of her choice, ran a company, and then a few years ago he had a mid-life crisis and left her and that was fine with her and she let him take everything because really, the best gift he could give her was letting her stay home.

1. I had mentioned I'm going back to work (which I don't want to do). Perhaps you shouldn't keep telling me how I SHOULD stay home. This was what she was implying in the over-sharing.
2. You're over sharing.
3. He "let" you stay home?

People be crazy, yo.

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SpeasHill said...

Wow. That Kathy story is wrong on so many levels. I do try to thank John for the work he does to provide for our family, but you can be damn sure he doesn't "let" me stay home!