Friday, June 3, 2011

dear b-feeders,

Posted by Picasawhich also sounds like beef eaters.  So, beef eaters, I'm not really talking to you as much as those of you who b-feed your babies for a year.  (Not that I don't want the opinion of those who do it for 3 months--just that we are past 3 months.  It's all circumstantial.  No judgement.  No judgement on the beef eating either.)

Anyway, when did you wean?  How did you do it?  What went first?  I'm out of town the week of July 4 (July 3-morning of the 9th).  G is staying with my parents (mom can probably bring him once a day to "visit"--sounds so prison visit-ish when I say it like that).  Will he still want to nurse when I get home on the 9th or will he be done with it by then?  I'd like to make it to a year.

I'm either finding stuff that's all about family beds for 8 years and breastfeeding for 9 (exaggeration, much?) or nothing really at all.

Our Schedule--

Wake up-nurse
nurse/nap (or if at daycare, no nap and b-milk in a straw cup)
and another feeding in the middle of the night for funsies.

I'm thinking I should probably exit the nursing/bmilk in the mornings?  And probably the one in the middle of the night--though our ped believes they should continue to wake up until they are 1.

This parenting gig is hard.  Can't someone just give me all of the answers?


Shaina said...

Yep, I am a stalker and the first thing I comment on is a boob post. I b-fed til my lil guy was almost two. Nope, I am not a hippy we just have a sh@t load of allergies in my family and was hoping to keep them at bay.

I exited through our bedtime routine, I cut out breakfast first because I would just get up and feed him food. After a few weeks I did the same for lunch and so on... I think he cut out the night time one on his own, I don't remember now, I was just really happy when he decided to stop waking on his own.

Of course, I need to mention that I had a child who NEVER took a bottle so it was either me or starve. The joy - let's just say when we have another one I will introduce a bottle as soon as they figure out how to latch on the boob. I screwed myself over big time!

BTW- I don't have all the answers, so if you find someone who does please share!

EMAAC said...

I B-fed my first until 9 mos when he quit cold turkey (painful, btw), my 2nd until 6 mos b/c I wasn't producing enough and my 3rd until 14 months b/c of allergies. With all three of them, they weened themselves once a more satisfying alternative was offered. Do what is in your gut and you won't go wrong. He's growing, adorable and well-loved, that is what matters most. Good luck!

Lowie said...

Two schools of thought, baby-led and parent-led weaning. Baby-led is when they are ready to wean, at most cases around 16+ months. Parent-led is a slow progression from breast to bottle/cup. It does take awhile to close up shop for you. Try eliminating one nursing session at a time and slowly pump less and less (similar to slowly introducing solids). Don't let yourself get engorged because you run the risk of infection and plugged ducts. Night nursing will be the last to go, because that is often for comfort more than nutrition. Just go super slow. Check out Kellymom as well, great resource. Some little ones go on a nursing strike, which Conor did at 11 months and never went back to nursing.

Jill said...

I nursed till 13 months. I weaned Alexandra by first stopping the feeding that was her least favorite and then the next least favorite and so on. Her favorite was the first of the morning nurse so that was the last to go. And it was incredibly painful when I stopped nursing altogether - just FYI.

If he's still interested in nursing when you go to camp in July, I bet he'll still be interested when it's done.

My ped has a different school of thought then your ped so I don't want to conflict with what your ped thinks but I think G's old enough to not need to be nursed in the middle of the night. For my own sanity, if it were me - that's the one I'd probably try to get rid of sooner than later just because I like my sleep (assuming the baby is thriving which from what I know about Griffin, it seems like he is). Let me know if you want to talk through any of this - I know that made me feel better when I was going through this.

Carol said...

He'll still love your bewbies, even after a week. Don't fret! I wouldn't wake yourself up to pump in the middle of the night while your gone, just enjoy the trip!

Denise&John said...

Hey. I b-fed Maggie for a year. And slowly right before he first birthday, I started introducing formula to mix things up a bit. I would b-feed her in the morning and at night, and then send formula with her during the day at day care. She did not seem to mind at all. I think I continued to b-feed her right before bed for a while after a year, b/c that was my favorite time to do so with her. At one, they start learning to drink from a cup, and can start drinking cow's milk. So it just all transitioned naturally. I think I missed doing it more though than Maggie. I tried to still have quiet time with her during the times that I used to nurse her when I stopped nursing her, when she would let me. Denise