Friday, June 17, 2011

Revoking the parent card?

SO sometimes I wonder if my parent card should get revoked.  Lately, when Ben and I put pants on Griffin we say something like... you're going to need these for the pants party.  Then Ben says, Griffin, are you trying to say there is a party in your pants?

Is it ok to quote Anchorman to a baby?

Is it ok that I'm going to be co-directing a camp of 200 senior high kids?  Who is signing their kids over to me and when did that become ok?  I will corrupt them--in a good way that is filled with sarcasm.  And I always ask, "are you making good choices?"  That means something, right?


Elizabeth said...

Hardest thing EVER for me is to not laugh at their HILARIOUS "that's what he/she said jokes." I mean, seriously. I'm only one person. I can't be a good example ALL the time. Right?

Also, don't forget to throw a little "you do what you think is right" in with the "are you making good choices?". Two classics.

A.B. said...

I'm a fan of "do what you think is right."

Sometimes giggles escape. Sometimes I say inappropriate things--not on purpose, of course.