Friday, June 10, 2011

It's like going on a gay cruise.

Pretty sure that would make me high too.  in an amazing way.  Well, only if I was making best friends left and right.  I sadly am sans gay men in my life right now.  We need to find a church.

Anyway, this morning I had a LARGE iced coffee.  Let me tell you.  I have coffee once a week (the expensive kind--because expensive means it tastes better.  You know, like when I play the game in In Style where I don't look at prices and pick out the most expensive thing.  It's one of my spiritual gifts.  That, and not being able to do percents.  I'm not sure that counts as a gift, though.)

(and don't even ask about fractions.  Who does fractions anymore?  Didn't they disappear with the dewey decimal system?) 

(what I can do is eat 7/8 of a pie.  So basically, if you could make all sales tags when I'm shopping in pie form... I'd probably get it.  My current practice is to figure out what 10% is and then make that into 30% or whatever.  My math skills are sweeping the 3rd grade nation.  Only I think they do fractions.  Whatever, I can drive.  And have a credit card.  Suck it 3rd graders.  Dang, I also have a job.  Nevermind.  You win.) 

I can wow you with my ability to find expensive things though.  Ben is constantly in awe... or shock.  Or shock and awe.  though I'm not sure that's what the G-dubb was talking about when he used that statement.

So back to my coffee.  I'm high on caffiene. 

And I got G$'s birthday jonjon yesterday.  Nothing says gangsta like a jonjon with a sock monkey on it. Am I right?  Trying to decide if I should do a birthday preview (including cupcake toppers, invitations, jonjon, high chair banner now--or if I have to wait until his day... which is more than a month away?  Thoughts?)


Perfectly Imperfect said...

you should email me a picture of this jon jon because I really want to see it. k thanks.

Heidi Bruch said...

I have absolutely no idea what Jon Jon husband is Jon.....Ps wait-I love secrets.

Cate said...

I love that your answer to getting some gay men in your life is to find a church :) Love it!

A.B. said...

Of course it is Cate :)

Heidi, a jon jon is a way for us southern mama's of boys to dress our boys in girls clothing. They are kind of overalls, usually gingham and have buttons on the shoulders.