Tuesday, June 7, 2011

workin' boobs.

Seriously, these girls have been put to work the last 10 months.  I will say that I like nursing.  Hello, I'm Amanda.  I'm a mom.  I'm down with this program.  It hasn't really interfered with my life (well... I mean, except the every two hour bit, but we got past that.)  It's free.  I don't have to think about how many bottles I need to carry with me.  (you may think this would mean I'm all about cloth diapers.  But, throw em out!) 

I'm also great with you choosing to not follow suit.  I'm great with everyone figuring out what works for them.  I am not a teat nazi (thank you Tina Fey for the term.)  I do not think that the only way to prove you love your baby is to walk around in a hooter hider and be pretentious about things like floor germs.  (My thing is G knocking his teeth out, obvi.)

At work though... I want to get into and out of the supply closet without discussion.  I want to go in there, get business taken care of, read fb on my phone then go back to my desk as if nothing has happened.  because I'm at WORK. 

Today I also encountered the anti-teat nazi.  They are just as prevalent in society.  I'm sure every mom will encounter both breeds. 

Me: discreetly carrying pump bag downstairs about to run into someone.  Oh, hi Barbara.
Her:  Oh, huh, you're STILL doing that?
Me:  Yep.
Her: How much longer are you going to do that?
Me: until he's a year.
Her:  how old is he now?
Me:  10 months.
Her: oh at least it isn't much longer.

Why do you care?  I do not ask you when you are getting your next perm because I do not have an opinion on that.  Ok, that is not true.  I do not believe you should be perming your bowl cut but, I keep that to myself (and the internet.) 

The thing is, I don't mind someone asking if I am still nursing.  Or when I plan to finish.  It's HOW you ask.  I love all kinds of those discussions and ask my  mommy friends things all of the time--out of interest--not in attempts for judgement. 

Please note that this is the same lady who asked me if I had enjoyed not having my period, told me my boobs looked bigger, and asked if I had to look sideways (while pregnant) while walking down the stairs. 

She has three daughters.  One is my age. 

(and spell check REALLY wants me to capitalize nazi.)


Carol said...

Giggle. I get asked that too by my MIL and others. I think they want to be in some sisterhood with you, the sisterhood of "oh, its just so hard to be a mom and doesn't nursing just suck and wah wah" these are the Debbie Downers. I hate when people ask ARE YOU STILL doing that? When WILL you be done. I just say YUP to the first question and I don't know to the second. I'll be done when I'm done and/or she's done. I don't know. Plus, its weird that I am discussing my bewbies sometimes with relative strangers. Alas.

CDS said...

Suck it Barbara! I'm still at it too my friend...I do use formula at 2 of her away from me feedings...but she's alll boob the rest of the time. xoxo

Heidi Bruch said...

You go, girl! I nursed Hayds for a year and caroline for 8 months (wish I could have done it longer for c). I love it, too. People are funny. Whatever floats your boat. I cannot believe Barbara has kids....really?!

Cate said...

I've found that about 95% of the questions people ask about pregnancy (and early motherhood, too, I assume) are really comments reflecting how THEY feel about pregnancy/breast feeding/staying home/whatever, and not at all about interest in how you feel about it.

Isn't it weird how people seem to assume that you'll agree with them on the MOST personal things, when you're actually the most likely to have your own unique opinion?

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I truly hope you punched her. I don't get people. Just because God gave you a mouth doesn't mean you always need to be flapping it.

Meg said...

Her name is Barbara. Enough said. I'm sure if I said to Babs 'I only nursed each kid 5 months' she would go on to say that my kids are surely going to die from some serious infection due to their severe catatonic immune system now and they will both be blind, deaf, and dumb.
P.S. I bet Barbie used a wet nurse while she traveled to work in her wagon train. Old hag.
P.P.S I hope Barbara does not read your blog.