Thursday, June 30, 2011

Worst decision ever.

#1 Thinking I could probably give myself a bikini wax.  Fail.  The wax didn't harden.  I wasn't trying to save $ here... just couldn't get in when was convenient for me.  Lesson learned--I must make time.

Bad decision #2 quickly followed by thinking... although this didn't work on my bikini line, I could probably do my legs.

Wrong.  Same issue.  Now I have wax all over my body (because when you walk... it spreads) that I can't get off.  I showered.  Tried to use baby oil etc.  Nothing.

Thanks for nothing, Sally Hansen.


CDS said...

Ummm...I am at a loss for words. Remember the australian cold wax they use to sell on TV? I bought that once...bad mistake.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, so sorry, friend. I had a similar experience a few years ago - no good at all. No. good. at. all.