Thursday, June 23, 2011

A new challenge

Griffin says... "I can't even look at you if you don't donate."

PLEASE help me reach my fundraising goal by August.  Only 1800 left to go!  Let me run in honor of YOUR honored hero.

I've now completed 3 group training runs--all of which start before the sun comes up (because lets be honest, I'm not waiting until the sun goes down.)  It's been a little bit more difficult to get into the swing of things than it has in the past.  So in my mind I keep thinking about monty python (thanks for the nerdiness, Ben) "I'm not quite dead yet. I think it has something to do with that baby (who will be a toddler in ONE month) and that I haven't slept through the night in about a year.  I've been hitting the hot pavement with a new group of friends who are all out to find a cure--and not get lost on the streets of Austin.  
I began this journey  about 5 years ago with the inspiration from  one of my closest friends, Adine Bagheri Zornow, and her father Ali.  He was truly an inspiration and quite the story teller--both traits that have been handed down to his daughter.  We would call Ali on speaker phone in college and he would give us love advice, business advice, life advice all in his lovely accent.  Ali lost his battle, but I continue to run to find a cure so that other people do not have to lose their dad's to cancer.

I started working at St. James UMC in January 2006.  I met a youth named Ben, and his twin brother Harry.  I learned that Ben had been diagnosed with leukemia at an early age--and has luckily remained in remission.  Children have a high remission rate--but 90% isn't enough.  We need 100%.
Then there is spunky Kelli.  Kelli went to Rice University with Ben.  In April of 2007 Kelli was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Kelli has been in remission after her 6 moths of chemo.  She has take the bar exam, gotten married, is looking for a house, and decided to work for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  She continues to raise amazing funds, race, and fight for a cure.
Every year I am overwhelmed by the stories of my TEAM mates.  They are tragic, moving, inspiring, and now my own.  I will continue to run for a cure.  Continue to sweat my face off in this triple digit heat--because I can.  Please join me with a tax free donation.  I need to raise $2400.  EVERY bit counts.  Everything.  Even $5.  Please donate today because somoeone needs your help.
Thank you and GO TEAM!

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