Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm not quite dead yet.

Bring out yer dead!  That is not me.  I made it.  I successfully got up at 5:20 to go meet my group.  We did a 1 mile warm up, did straights and curves, and I was NOT the slowest person.  I mean, this is not to be confused with saying I'm fast, because I'm not.  And I know it isn't a competition, but... I wasn't the slowest.  Hooray!  Mama is back in action.  Kind of.  It's a slow action followed by a slow burn in my hips.  Whatevs.

There was also a really fast guy running the wrong way on the track and kept tooting every time I saw him.  Out loud.  If he were my nephew he would excuse himself and say, "Me tooty."

So to counteract all of that work from this morning I'm enjoying a 3 pm glass of wine.  It's white so that it's hydrating.

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