Tuesday, February 21, 2012

drum drum everybody drum.

seen that 'Street?  My kid is obsessed with drumming.  And beating his drum sticks on EVERYTHING loud.  Today, new, the wall.  which I told him not to do (while photographing) and jumping on his chair (which I totally told him he's supposed to sit in and not jump--especially not with big ol' sticks... while I was photographing.)  I know, I'm a bad mom.  I also let him watch a lot of TV while he was super fussy today.  totally not my fault.  I was also fussy since I ran FOUR miles of hills this AM.  Even after core last night--the place where I pretend that I am totally fine.

And showing his bazoomba's/climbing and diving onto the couch and trying to do a forward roll.  New favorite thing.  I plan on making some $ on that babies gone wild business.  Kidding.  That sounds weird, right?  Yah... it does.  I didn't mean it.

And finally G loves having a picture taken.  Loves.  Looooooooooves.  CHEEEEEEEEEEESE.  and "more more" chanted over and over.  It's cute.  

Also exhausting today.  So I let ben take over in the bathtub while I enjoyed a glass of vino and made some dinner.  For me.  Because Ben went out.  Which means I've watched 2 episodes of Chelsea Lately and plan on other brain rotting material.  I mean, I have to rest these abs with vodka.

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