Saturday, February 11, 2012


Griffin needs to work on his core muscles so we enrolled him at the Little Gym.  Kidding.  I bought a groupon.  And he needs a workout.  He can't hold on to the bar.  EMBARRASSING.  For me.  Kidding.

I'm so artsy, right?

You can't even tell he has fever and an ear infection... or 2.  What?  ear infections aren't contagious.

Driving the hula hoop.

don't judge.  I just came from working out.

Post forward roll.  Which he couldn't do last weekend... but can this.  STOP GROWING UP.

Toughgirl skirt?  Yes please.  The balance beam is a HUGE hit with G$.  (Ps.  The skirt/pant running option is a big hit in the ATX.  And, it covers my massive booty.  Which is a bonus.  And almost impossible.  And helps when it's 30.  I know lots of you live where it's 30 regularly.  I praise you and your winter attire.)

Up high.  down low was completely confusing.  

Jumping like a frog.  Sweaty band is a life changer.  I think G needs one for his fitness.  

The rings.  Thank goodness he can hold his own.  Kind of.  I mean, not his own weight, but you know... like when someone is holding him on.  He loved it.  

so proud.  Which makes mama proud.

Sweet dada.

This tongue thing is new.  

Give me that ball, mofo. 

Kidding.  G doesn't say that word.  yet.  

Another item to remove from my "at home" language.


Elizabeth said...

Wait until the end of the semester. Not to ruin the surprise, but the kids get a medal. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen. You might cry. I did.

Helen Hopkins said...

You make me laugh and want to lecture you at the same time. You are a funny writer and my Grandson is SO cute and coordinated. It is impressive. He looks like he is loving gymnastics.