Monday, February 6, 2012

Lets dust it off.

I should have taken a picture of how dirty my yoga mat was today.  Before I clorox wiped it off.  Hideous.  Embarrassing.  Tonight I went to my first core class in a long.  ass.  time.  Thankfully there were some elderly people there which made me feel better about myself (not all older people do this... like the couple down the street who each run like 5 miles on the daily.  I often see them when I'm having my cocktail walk around the 'hood.)

I haven't yet pulled out the bumbo.  I'm sure I will tomorrow when I question my ability to sit up.  Or get out of bed.

I blame Griffin.


CDS said...

I don't even know where mine is....there...feel better?

A.B. said...

It does a little :)

Meg said...

Pleas bring a Bumbo to yoga. I am cracking up right now at the thought. Can really, barely type.

A.B. said...

Next week I will take the bumbo instead of the foam roller.