Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Remember before my blog got fancy?

Well, your memory may have faded, because I intended to post this a long time ago.  I had Jessica at Diamond Doll Design help me out as I am technilogically challenged and she has got some mad skills.  Great customer service and she went to college in Texas so I'm kind of destined to support her.  You might have to wait a little bit, forget that you signed up for the overhaul, and then get to be really excited again.  Much like the cookie fiasco of '10.

So continue to be wowed by my awesomeness that is totally attributed to someone else.

1 comment:

CDS said...

I'm going to have to email you in prive about thsi because I am considering an overhaul... I just think my blog shouts "CECI" ...what do you think?