Thursday, February 9, 2012


My cleverness is over the top.  You should be envious.  Because I'm awesome.  Also because I made some spinach muffins.  These do not contribute to my muffin tops--no, those are organically mine.  no, no... Just G gets the really awesome food.  These were delish, though.  One change--I would have used a cup of apple sauce instead of 1/2 cup.  And G likes to help.  And put his fingers in everything.  I semi worry about the raw egg thing, but eh?  I made it this far (almost to my Jesus age) and I ate plenty of raw batter and didn't ever wear a helmet. 

Slow cooker lasagna.  Not as awesome as I had intended.  I made my own sauce and should have added meat.  And it only cooked 3 hours and was over cooked.  I should have just made it regular style.  Or just cooked it for like 2 hours maybe?

Veggie pancakes.  I should have followed the recipe.  I used fresh basil and added carrots.  They needed salt.  And I didn't get the texture right.  G wasn't in love. 

Chicken pot pie.
I made it myself.  Made up the recipe.  DELISH.  Probably because it involved crescent rolls.

I'm trying to meal plan.  And get more options go for G in this house.  Otherwise I revert to the same cooked items over and over.  Like spinach bites, and mac n cheese with edamame or broccoli, or chicken bites or random other boring things.

Luckily, I have a new obsession with the sectioned plates thanks to Mannlymama.  LOVE them.  They really help me.  I also like how they look and having another reason to buy things at target.  And I like to buy things at target.

Like crescent rolls.


Shaina said...

Look at you getting all sorts a fancy with G's food. E just gets whatever we are eating. love the sectioned plates, I check for new patters every time I am at Target.

A.B. said...

welllllllllllll that would involve me cooking for everyone. Instead I cook for G and ben comes home and cooks for us. Otherwise it would be that way. G goes to bed so stinkin' early that I don't want to eat at 5 (just kidding... I do, but I suffer with a glass of wine instead.)

Elizabeth said...

I like how you casually dropped "made up the recipe" like it's no big deal. Does not compute up in here. Drives J crazy that I measure. every. thing. when I'm cooking. Fear of failure much?

A.B. said...

Elizabeth, just tell him you are making practical use of all of the gifts that were purchased for your blessed day and to not use all of them would show that you don't love him as much as dirty dishes.

Shaina said...

love that your hubs is the chef at your house too

Brandy said...

Mmmmm veggie pancakes. I like that idea :)