Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lets get intimate.

Clearly, I know that YOU want to know what bra's I'm wearing.  I mean, right?  Why wouldn't you?  So as my bazooms are now worn out and saggy and the 18 year old girl at VS had no idea what to do or how to help me last year (but I still bought 2 over priced bra's that I've continued to wear sadly) I gave in and owned my old lady card and went to Soma yesterday.  Oh yes.  The place attached to Chico's?  Went there.  And these bra's fit better.  Which means, hello old lady sad boobs you have new life breathed into you now!  (and by life I mean some underwire and a good shape.)  And they were buy one get one 50% off.

And this one

Oh yes.  That's a front clasp.  And no, that isn't me modeling.  I thought about taking a picture of that, but then realized that our bathroom is a mess and I'm too lazy and have more fat rolls and less editing skills than is necessary.

Third week of core.  Holy hell.  When am I getting ab muscles?  I also ran hills this AM and was instantly sore.  Why the hell did I stop working out?  remind me.  Never.  Stop.  You are over 30.  You do not bounce back the way you used to.

Also an event in my life--Bethenny Ever After is back on new.


Helen Hopkins said...

:((( (long sad face) You are so old! What a joke, you are not old because that makes me ancient and my boobs would have to hang to my knees...close but not there yet. You are funny.

A.B. said...

Oh Mama, your boobs get bonus years since you and your generation thought nursing was gross.

Whatever. Claiming it because I like these bra's!

Leanne said...

I freaking love bethenny. I am so thrilled she's back. I watched all the reruns leading up to the season premier even though I had seen it before. Made me desperately want a baby nurse...

A.B. said...

Oh-emm-geeeee. Why do engineers not make enough for me to hire a live in babynurse? Yikes. Leanne, there is a full night of sleep for you... dangling there. It's coming.

I will also take a live in Jason.

Maggie said...

I love Soma bras too! Even though I don't *love* going to the store, as the sales ladies seem weirded out by anyone under 50 in the store.