Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm particular.

Quirky.  Nuerotic.  You probably don't want a post about how I like to buy the q-tips with the plastic in the middle again and how they are clearly superior to all other q-tips.  No?  Not interesting?

You probably don't want to hear about how if I am tired and don't do my "routine" in the shower I usually forget a step.  Like washing my hair.  (I don't count shaving my legs as a step because seriously, it's winter...  Except yesterday which was 80 freakin' degrees.  Which annoyed me.  I digress.) 

I come up with really great and very funny (possibly) blog posts in my head.  The problem is that they have not been making it to the blogosphere.  Partly because I'm lazyballs.  Partly because my toddler is constantly on the move and "just a second, mama needs to finish this run on sentence" doesn't playcate him well.  Partly because my inlaws were in town this weekend. Partly because Ben and I went out on Saturday night with FRIENDS.  TO A BAR.  (which deterred my sunday posting.)  And partly because Chelsea Handler in the afternoons is a good time.  Mostly the lazy thing, though. 

Here is what I have aspirations of doing.  A post on cooking a week.  I've been breaking it down in the kitchen.  (Please do not confuse that statement with cleaning or breakdancing.  or breakdance cleaning.)  I've been trying to livin' up G's food.  A post on products.  Y'all.  I love a product.  So those are my two ideas.

Chances are that these will possibly each happen once and then I'll forget and remember sometime after a glass of wine and an ambien (John Mayer, are you talking about me?  I am talking shit again.)

I'll tell you this, Bob-o (admin asst) is back to work after 2 months of being gone-hello work crazy.  I'm running again (regularly) and so I'll tell you about chaffing and other stupid comments, G bit mrs. Frances yesterday on her shoulder and she has a huge bruise, and I finally got my Zulily purchase of this adorbs weekender bag.  I told Ben.  He said I have no idea what that is and walked away. 

At some point I'll also take pictures of Griffin.  And post them.  Or something.  If you have ideas, please let me know. 

Other updates.  E-Monkey turns 3 today.  My sister is surprisingly pregnant again.  And we're taking Griffin to the stock show tomorrow.  Sounds miserable and like it involves a corny dog.


CDS said...

Is this sister's 2 or 3? xo

A.B. said...

THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. And a baby makes five.