Friday, February 24, 2012


So, because it's Friday we often have people bring treats into the office.  Today there were kolaches AND bagels AND cream cheeses.  Yum. And, because I'm on the WW I only had 1/2 of the bagel (and then considered that I should run 8 miles tomorrow instead of 5 because girl likes to eat... and have drinks.)  ANYWAY my obsession is not part of this postings.

Lady who recently lost her brother to Leukemia:  Do you know of any other cancer 5k's in town? 
Me:  actually there is a new one that is an obstacle course
Her: ummm... no.
Me:  list list oh, and Susan G Komen, but that isn't until November.
Very Old Lady also in Kitchen:   Well, I certainly wouldn't give any money to that Susan B Komen. (yes, you read that right.  Susan B.)
Other lady: because of Planned Parenthood?
Very Old Lady:  Yes. 

Now--let me tell you.  I don't care what your political opinions are.  I don't.  And I'll tell you mine which may make you mad, but I don't really care so don't send  me an email about them.  I'm for planned parenthood.  I'm for what they do.  I'm for there being a health provider for people who lack insurance.  I'm also for a persons right to choose...but, that isn't ALL that planned parenthood does.  Just FYI

Me: Actually most of their money goes towards...
Very Old Lady:  Abortion.
Me:  no... that's actually only like 1% of their budget. 

I was actually informed that Very Old Lady also says mammy-o-grams.  Yep.  She really exists.  Also the lady who thought she was wearing contacts.

The reason it was 92 in Austin yesterday is because global warming and the apacolypse is starting here.  It started with the Rick Perry and his presidential campaign.  And there... is my allotted political speak for 2012.  At least he has good hair.  (Side note--I was also alerted that one lady said that he is almost to liberal for her.)  Which leads me to the question that we are all asking--WTF?


Carol said...

: ) I like you. We should meet in real life sometime. I'm just down in New Braunfels. "mammy-o-gram" so funny!

A.B. said...

Maybe we can meet up for mammyograms?

Jenny said...

I feel as though anyone who says mammy-o-grams should not be taken seriously...ever. And Rick Perry totally does have some kickin hair.

A.B. said...

I once saw it unhairsprayed. I won't lie that I think he is an attractive older man.

Deana said...

People make me shake my damn head. *sigh*

I first thought this said, "Manny-o-gram" as if Aunt Manny had taken up as a singing telegram delivery girl.


Courtneytcu98 said...

I like Deana's version. These ladies are just too much to be believed.

Helen Hopkins said...

How old is this old lady? Old does not excuse or explain ignorance. Maybe she needs to be nudged to retire. If she is my age I might be a little scared.

A.B. said...

Moomsy, she is like 70 something.

Deana, I'm CERTAIN that the Manny-o-gram would take off. I better start reserving my voice. I hear you have a birthday coming up...