Thursday, February 16, 2012

V-day. Overrated. I bought in.

We started with some heart shaped nana's and waffles.  With syrup.  Which he then brought me the bottle of and kept asking for "more more."  Uh... no.

They made heart shaped cookies at Mrs. Frances'.  Which he got to bring home 3.  I ate 2 of them.  Sorry, fool.

and some pinterest inspired valentine cards.  love them.

And a new placemat... and sectioned plate... and cup... and heart shaped grilled cheese (mostly untouched) and heart shaped strawberries.

Clearly, it was fun.  The pink yogurt is circumstance.  It's how we hide the antibiotic.


CDS said...

Did you see what we got in the mail and what she did with it?

A.B. said...

Yes! I think we are clearly needing a miami trip. Or homecoming? Will that be too late? How will this love affair start? G can have a facebook account only for C.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

you so bought in ;) you even did heart shape waffles!!

i'm actually totally jealous of that. i really wish i could cook. le sigh..

A.B. said...

It's all for his Valentine's. Like Ella :)

PS--cooking may equal cookie cutters!