Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost cured.

Today, when checking Facebook, I came across the following update from my friend Kelli (who attended Rice with Ben.)
"Five years ago today, on another Friday, April 13th, my family and I were sitting in Danny's apartment the day after my biopsy when the phone rang, and I was told that I had cancer. And thus began a journey of chemo, hair loss, emergency room visits, and the fight of my life. It truly took a village to get me through those 6 months, but I am a proud 5 year survivor, and six months from now, in October, I will officially be declared CURED. Thank you to my family, friends, LLS and TNT family, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Wynne, Dr. McLaughlin, the awesome nurses, modern medicene, Zofron, milkshakes, the Box set of LOST, all the cancer patients who came before me, and God."
Kelli continues her battle, even took a position with LLS in Houston.  She is truly an inspiration.  I run in honor of Kelli.  I run and continue to raise funds for research so that others may be declared CURED. 
I am running and fundraising in memory of Ruben Garza. I run with his widow, Jen the woman he married shortly before passing because he said she gave him a reason to live.  Now Team Ruben is aiming to raise $200,000 to have a research grant in his name.  We are curretly at $94,926. 
Please help me reach my goal of raising $2300.  We have only one month (May18) to make this happen.  Every and any amount make a difference.
Relentless for a Cure,


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