Tuesday, April 3, 2012

20 months. Late. per usual.

You are 20 months old (a few weeks ago.)  You love to add "mama" to the end of any sentence.  I help, mama (often means, mama, please help. or that you want to help me.  You are tricky like that.)  I bite, mama (you want a bite, or often a drink of whatever I have.)  Yesterday you said, I kick, mama... and you kicked me.  Then you went to time out.  And cried.  And I did not feel sorry for you.  You like to say that things, especially stairs, are tricky.  You still call Gizmo, pictured below, Dada.  I love it.  LOVE.  You still say bah-bee for school bus.  Then you say, I ride school bus.  You love big trucks.  You blow them both kisses when we hear or see them.  
G$ and Dada.  And the roller brush.  Dog hair can't keep us down.
You like to say motorcycle and bicycle.  You say wassat when we hear a motorcycle.  Even though you know.  

Coming for the camera.  Saying, CHEESE more!
You have to kiss and hug all of your friends before you leave school.  It takes a long time.  I wouldn't change it.
On your pirate ship.
 You have this kick ass pirate ship playscape.  you choose to slide on the slide we got off of the street for free.

Smile you are giving me right after I asked you not to do something and you do it anyway.
 You are a mess.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE bubbles.  Love.  I even paid a zillion dollars for you some fancy pants bubble bath.  No one puts baby in an over processed bath.  Well, not true.  Someone does.  But only for elmo bath tabs.

You refused the bluebonnets.  REFUSED.
 You like to potty on the potty.  you love waffles.  You LOOOVE syrup.  You ask to watch Little Einstein's by saying, "pat pat, mama."  It's cute and you cuddle so I let you.

You sing off key.  It's part of how i know you're mine.

Just kicked dada in the nuts.  Mama is an expert photographer and got this one.
 I think you are handsome.  I can't imagine my life without you.  Or my life before you (not true, but it's sort of true.  Minus the sleep and extra nights out and sleep.  And dinners out and random trips to target.) I wouldn't change it.  Ever.  I can't imagine loving someone more than I love you.

You love to tell us to go night night and then make snoring noises and say "DUP!"  (wake up).  You think it's HILARIOUS.

You refused to leave this door even though bluebonnets where everywhere.
 You are pretty funny.  You are silly.  You know what you want.  You are creative.

a flower for mama.  it's illegal.  i'll take it.


me forcing you to be sweet.

Dad pushes EXTRA high.  You say, "in sky"

pretending to be an airplane.

I couldn't be more proud of you.  Or happy to be with you.  Tonight when I put you to bed I was amazed by how long you are now.  You were also singing to me.  Kissing me.  Told me you loved me so much.  And patted me and said gentle.  gentle.  I stayed extra long.


Shaina said...

I heart all things boy, I still get the "what's that, mama?" when we see or hear a "motocycle", garbage truck, fire truck etc. I am going to be SO sad when those days are over. I however won't be sad when he decides to stop yelling MAMA in the middle of the night when he has to go pee. for gods sake kid you can get up out of bed and walk across the hall to your bathroom to pee. I miss sleep.

A.B. said...

can't they wear diapers until age 8? or sometime?

I'm not ready to re-live the sleeplessness. Props to you. And your boy is soooooooo handsome.

I've fallen behind on your blog (and mine) as I'm reading smut :)

Courtneytcu98 said...

See comment above for why my child will sleep in diapers forever.

I love that G$, too. Can't wait to see him--it's been far too long.

Leanne said...

I love this so much. I completely identify with not remembering life without our little man either. But I am pretty sure it involved less poop and more sleep and Target. And sleep...

CDS said...

I have the sweetest son-in-law!

Heidi Bruch said...

You're gorgeous. Your boy is edible. Your family is darling. I'm jealous of the ridiculous weather....your in a tank in April-we can only dream!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

what a sweet, sweet boy.

and i want to move to texas and take bluebonnet pictures!

A.B. said...

Heidi, it's already 70 a lot of the mornings when I get up. It's crazy. I would like it to be cold a little longer.

Meg, get yo'self here.