Monday, April 30, 2012

Glammy is in town.

Glammy came in town this weekend while "the boys"  (14 total men descended upon East Texas at Ben's family's tree farm) and this year it included my dad.  He probably kind of died and went to heaven after how many years of living the daddy married life where he was grossly out numbered by females who secluded him to one bathroom and a life of enjoying mowing.  Please do not think about your yard.  Think about acres.  That require tractors.  And riding lawn mowers.  And push lawn mowers.  And sprinklers that look like tractors and travel around the water hose.  And liking it.  Or at least coming to say he enjoys it but probably because the estrogen level inside had become too much. So they go to the "farm" (little cabin in the woods) with a job to do.  Mostly, they go to have some beer, drink some whiskey, tell tall tales, eat good food, fish, and do a project.

My mom came this weekend and we had some bevvies.  Stayed up SUPER late watching bad reality TV.  Woke up early to feed the child (at which he went into her room and said, "Glammy, get up PWEASH!)  We went to a fancy bra store and spent too much $.  Went to target--ALONE and I didn't even have to buy her juice so I could peruse.  Cooked.  Watched more bad reality TV and basically had zero agenda.

Griffin became obsessed with the dog I got after my freshman year of college--Kobie Jack.  (Tobie.)  He woke up asking for Glammy.  She let me go to a birthday party for a friend (and have some beers) while she babysat.  She bought me ice cream.  She stayed up later than me one night.

It was an awesome weekend.  And makes me realize I NEEEEEEEEEEED to live closer.  Until then I'm having a drink outside while watching my husband do manual labor. (I randomly look up and cheer for him).  I'm good like that.

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