Monday, April 9, 2012

Blachols Easter.

So Friday night we stayed with our BFF's the Nichols.  (Hence, the Blachols.)  Little Kate is G's arranged marriage partner.  She just turned 2.  She is precious.  And so stinking smart.  And sweet.  We had SO much fun.  So much fun that our kids stayed in their pj's until at least 11:30.  I stayed up until 1 AM!  In the morning.  Past my bedtime.  You can give a big thank you to the vino.  Sometimes we Blachols are not good at the big group picture changing.  My how times have changed.

Mary got sushi in her hair this night.  It was byob sushi.  yum.

Margarita night.  Apparently,I was way less prudish then. 

Post marg's


So so cute.

A big chip.  Black bean dip.

Real proud of himself.  The black beans found his eye brows.

So we still drink byob wine.  we just have to get up way earlier.  And care for other people.  It's kind of awesome.

Oh blachols weekends.  My liver is not cut out for you.


Loosy said...

My kinda EAster! What adorable kiddos. Griffins dimple absolutely kills me.

I like you.

You are funny.

A.B. said...

The feeling is quite mutual, my friend.