Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don't shop at walmart.

We went to walmart yesterday.  We never go to walmart.  Ever.  Ben needed some sort of fishing lure.  I wanted to get bigger Elmo jammie's for G$.

This is after I did my 10 miler.  That was awful.  Turns out I'm having these hideous breathing problems that my newest inhalers aren't working.  I finally started my prednisone today.  I'm hoping this will lead to miraculous breathing.  I'd also take all of these meds lowering the humidity and the temperature.  It was 75 and 90% humidity.  at 6:30. ew.  Then little gym (post shower), some tacos, some walmarts.  Where G declares he wants to "push" the buggy.  So since I'm a smart mom who totally has it together I don't let him down because I'm fully aware that he will run.  And run and run.  And I'm tired.  So I hold him.  let him "push" the buggy while I'm steering it with my shoulder and someone actually stopped to tell me about direct tv.  Really?  this looks like a good time?

Then it happened.  I hit my foot.  And my toe broke.  And it hurts.  

please done judge the pedicure.  Blame it on the shopping cart.. and the wrinkly toes.

then I gave Ben the silent treatment while he mowed the lawn.  I alerted him to this silent treatment when he was finished.  Mostly because I was in a hideous mood.  

G has a crazy remembery.  so as soon as we pull into the parking lot he is all about the fish.  It's quite the bribe.
Today.  Awesome.  Beautiful weather.  Whole foods.  Fish looking.  long walks.  lots of laundry done.  dusting done.  shower done.  wine and cheese for dinner.  Done.  ben in Boulder, done.  Monitor surprisingly not working once my child has already gone to bed?  done.  


Sarah K said...

Oh boy. I feel your pain. Broke my big toe a few months ago. A wheel barrow accident. Awesome. Waiting patiently for my toenail to grow back and it ain't pretty. I'm sure it'll be fully grown by October...just in time for me to pack all of my flip flops away for the winter.

p.s. Walmart blows.

Shaina said...

at least your bruise and polish match...i blame walmart.

Carol said...

I love the comment about giving Ben the silent treatment and then later informing him that you are giving him the silent treatment. I've done that so many times! So funny!