Tuesday, April 17, 2012

one... two... one... three.

My baby loves him some Gizmo.  My baby Gizmo does not as much love him some Griffin.  It's funny.

Maybe we should stop telling the dogs "no"? 

Maybe I should figure out how to get him to not say "miiiiiieeeeeennnneee."

Maybe I shouldn't sing "He works hard for the money.  So hard for the money" when he sweeps?

Maybe I should stop singing?

Maybe I should document the song, "Find my hands, find my hands.  They're at the ends of my arms." copyright, mofo.


Sarah K said...

What a little doll. Where is your accent? I pictured ya'll with an accent. ;)

A.B. said...

Accent? Surely not! Texas is to blame. You shoukd hear myyyy long "i" sounds like in "my" or "hi" or the "bless your hearts."

CDS said...

Yeah...I should sing "She works hard for the money" when she picks up a wipe and starts to clean any surface she can. LOLZ