Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Don't say shenanigans again.

Hey what's the name of that bar?

Oh... shenanigans?

I've mentioned the crazy work life.  That we have a front desk person with an inflection all her own.  With a 3 syllable tha-reeeeeeee that doesn't reflect my mom's at all.  Her emphasis is on the "tha" instead of the "eeeeeeeeeee."  she's doing it all wrong.

Our whole company is less than 40 people.  Probably 8 of which live out of the city so work from their own home/traveling.   Over the all call today she announced,

"Ruby.  Ruby X.  Your lunch box is on the counter in the kitchen."  Um, seriously?  And like we have multiple people named Ruby.

In case you were wondering.... Ruby is the one who is over 70, thought she was wearing contacts and won't give $ to Susan B. Komen.


Elizabeth said...

I am officially petitioning to have an "all call" installed at my office. I would RULE that thing.

Heidi Bruch said...

God you work somewhere cool. Offices are so amazing-such a fab collection of people.

A.B. said...

It is simply amazing. Elizabeth, I imagine you to be a walkie talkie lover.