Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Teething?  Is that what is to blame on my child acting this way?  That, orrrrrrrrr I had our new cheap-o monitor on the wrong setting last night and my child could have cried for 4 hours without my knowledge?  but, I wouldn't know... because of that wrong setting thing.  Oopsies.  He was asleep when I got up for work this morning so there is that?  Oops.

I also made some spinach muffins yesterday.  He has had 5.  3 of which were today.  They're spinach.  That's healthy, right?  Here he is pretending to eat his dinner but is full from 3 muffins.  He built a tower with his drinks though, so he was like... overly impressed with himself.  Perps I should make a tower of all of the drinks I had tonight.  Ok.  It's more than 2, so maybs not.  Seems unsafe.

Here he is looking sweet.  Kid is SENSITIVE right now.  Seriously.  He can also open the pantry door FML.  He continuously points at a box of vegetable stock and says, "I want that."  granted, he says that for lots of things.  And things on tv, "I wanna hold it."  Um, dude.  You can't.  Because it's TV.  Have I mentioned that I'm thankful you finally like, and will sit still, for tv?

He is also really into sweeping.  He usually first brings me the big sweep and says, "Mama, sweep."  When is he going to learn to do dishes or clean the bathroom?  

Maybe I should have made a tower of drinks.

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Vickie L. said...

Your kid and my kid should clean together. T is obsessed with the swiffer.