Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  Not just because Jesus comes back (I say this tongue in cheek.  I really think it is a beautiful service.  I also dreadfully love good friday service.)  I love celebratory worship time.  Yah, I said it.  I also love family time.  This year we had a Blachols night, a night with the inlaws, a night with my fam, a day visiting my friends newly adopted baby.  That's a lot of events in 3 days.  Just sayin.  My hair didn't look as good as I'd like it to for JC to reappear, but I let it slide.  This year.  

daycare Easter Egg hunt day.

With mama at church.

 G chose not to nap on sunday.  We put him in my bedroom (now my mom's accessory room) which has a hanging thing over the door with her abundant jewelry.  He was in there talking.  Ben went in and he was wearing about 10 bracelets with 10 more in the pack in play.  Ben said, "please come see this."  Griffin proudly announced, "bracelets, mama!"  Oh, G$, you out smarted us this time.
Easter egg hunt.  Griffin just chased Elliott.  Then made a break for it to the field.  he's sly.  And busy.  And quick.  and has zero interest in Easter egg hunts.

Sadly, Ell no longer yelled "CANNY MANNY CANNY!" this year.  

Hold up, wait a minute, is that GRASS?

Glammy encouraging G to look for eggs for a picture.  G giving glammy a flower.

Elliott's basket.

My cute frat boy.

The kids together.

Griffin literally SAT on Brooklyn.  Sorry, brook brook.  He has a mind of his own.  And you're small.


Riding the tractor with poppy.  highlight of the entire weekend.  He now randomly says, "I ride tractor.  poppy."

These are the non celebratory Jesus not ready roots I have been talkin' bout.  

Glammy and Poppy and the g-kids.  

Courtney's frat boy.

I got tired of captioning these.  It was a fabulous time.  Now it's time to move.  I've been putting the hard sale on The B.B. to move closer to the fam.  My mom suggested we build a house next door to theirs.  I'm all in.  Sounds pretty fabulous to me.  Think of all of the tractoring.  And the free childcare.  And the love.  

Happy Easter, y'all.


Elizabeth said...

Free childcare cannot be underestimated. Oh, and love is good, too. But FREE CHILDCARE. Invaluable.

Shaina said...

frat boys at that age are cute. frat boys in their 30's - not cute.

A.B. said...

Free childcare, I have heard of your existence. I need you.

Shaina, we then taught them to play beerpong with their eggs. True. or not true?

jill said...

free childcare is great. however, i do like my privacy. sometimes the unexpected knocks or walk-ins are not appreciated.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

ok in that sweater vest and frat boy look, he looks WAY too grown.