Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm sick.

Like sick sick.  I don't find it to be pleasant.  I'm also out of town for work.  Just over night.  In a tiny town.  Where I forgot my hair dryer.  Needed meds.  Needed wine (even though alcohol is not allowed where I'm staying.)  Know what I remembered at target?  wine with a screw top.  face wash (didn't need.)  Elmo jammies (that g has grown out of).  Ice at the ice machine to put in my recently purchased wine that isn't refrigerated.  No hair dryer.  BUT I REMEMBERED SCREW TOP WINE.

I'm classy, yo.

On Sunday morning (we are heathens) Ben and I got a babysitter and went kayaking down on town lake.  This was a favorite past time of ours pre-baby.  It's awesome.  It's beautiful.  It's cheap.  We drink champagne outside on the water.  What's not to like?  The last time we went I was 31 weeks KU'd.  (That's knocked up in time transfer.)  

my friend said I had Michelle Obama arms.  which is one of the highest compliments EVER.

And I got this picture tonight from Ben.  G$ was brushing his teeth with a sweatyband on.  For when he works up a sweat.  Lets get physical.  Physical.

Thank gawd I remembered my ambien.

And screw top wine. (not that I don't keep a wine opener in my car.  because I do.  Because there are so many times you need one.)


Perry H. said...

Ah, it's refreshing to find someone that has her priorities straight, like wine...lol. Congrats! After 1,759 freaking visits to my blog you were the first to EVER comment on it. Well, I mean besides me. Oh well! It's cathartic and that's what I need - often. I remembered your blog but you were preggers the last time I read it...and you're still funny with a toddler running around! Stay cool...

jill said...

alcohol is good when you're sick. i had a headache last night and i thought a beer would make it better. it didn't, so i had another.

A.B. said...

I was battling raging sinus headaches, and literally, all I found that would fix the was 2 beverages. SERIOUSLY.

Shaina said...

Aaahhh! I have tried to post about your arms on this post three times! This new blogger is going to be the death of me. (dramatic much?) Anyway, you arms look awesome, and I want to know what you are doing. BUT, if it is push ups, please lie to me. I don't like them.

A.B. said...

Shaina, they are trying to ruin us. I'm sure of it.

I do NO pushups. I carry around a 30 lb baby and drink wine like it's going out of style. both of those things really.

You should walk around with an empty wine glass for the next say... 20 weeks. You'll be great :)