Monday, April 30, 2012

braided spaghetti

So I originally saw this on A Tale of 4 Micks (originally, 3 micks... but you get the picture)

It looked delicious.  I love spaghetti.  I love bread.  Free at last.  Free at last.  or something less dramatic than that.  Anyway, mine doesn't look as pretty and I made a few changes.  I think I'd maybe make it again.  Then again, I really like plain ol' sgetti.  Here it is.



Oddly, I'm a decent hair braider.  One simply can't tell from this photo of braiding carbs.  Not my spiritual gift.  So I laid out the dough and cut it, then zested up some parm on the bottom, put the spaghetti and sauce down, put on some mozzarella balls (heh heh... balls) that I had squeezed the liquid off of, then braided it up, sprayed with olive oil, more parm, garlic and garlic salt.  Bake.  

My child who does not love pasta, meat, or tomato based items had TWO HELPINGS of spaghetti.  I also made him toast with some honey goat cheese on it.  Which he licked all of the cheese off.  Which is also how I feel about goat cheese.  

Before you know it he's going to be having wine at 3 pm and declaring that he's outdoorsy in that he likes drinking on patios.

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jill said...

it looks nice. at least you tried it. not something i'll make every week, but its fun and its a change from the norm.