Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear Crispitos,

Today is the first day of camp. Well, it's the first day of camp for me and the counselors and the kids show up tomorrow. Today is the first day of amazing summer adventure that doesn't involve any sort of beverages other than diet coke, maybe a dr. pepper, and a whole lotta water. (And, if popsicles count here... then I have them, too.)I started going to camp when I was 10. I had the BEST time and went every summer (winter and fall) after that until I graduated from high school. We have to sit out one year after our last (summer after fresh year at college) before we can come back as adults. I did. I still visited camp one night, and then have been coming back as an adult since then--with about the last 4 years as a co-Director. To say that camp defines me wouldn't be me exaggerating. It's home. It's the twin sized bed I've come to know and love. It's the mass amount of heat that is stifling and life giving. It's where I met my husband in January of 1998. It's where we talk about our life, our love, our faith, and our future.
It's also the place where I laugh like I've never laughed before. A place where I get to ask high school kids questions in ways maybe they haven't heard them before. I get to see their faces change because camp is a place where they get to be truly "them" without people judging (unless you eat 45 corn nuggets in a made up competition. Then I judge you a little. Or when you tell me that your mom gives you benedryl when you have a tummy ache--then I judge a little because your mom knows you're a little annoying too and just wants you to take a nap.) You know, small insignificant things.
It's the place where I walk down the lunch line and recognize the faces of the ladies serving our meals... because some of them have been there since I was 10. It's a place where I worked and lived one ENTIRE summer, not just one week, and it was the best summer ever. I have pretty amazing friends. Friends who I would call on for anything should I be in need.
It's a place I can't describe because I would be missing every aspect of description--unless you've been there and then you can talk about my great SUNA moves, too.

It's a place I can't go this summer per doctors requests. I love this baby--more than anything, but goodness... I'm sad I can't go.

Next year. Next year is my year. (or the kids year... I guess it's kind of about them :))


Deana said...


I love you. I love this post. Mainly because I get you. And I get this post.

I'm sorry you are missing camp but Lil George Foreman is totally gonna be worth it. And you can come see me at camp instead.

A.B. said...

Deana, I hope you're right! He better be worth it... or he's coming to live with you.

Miss you! I would LOVE to come visit camp :( But alas. I'm done traveling.