Monday, June 7, 2010

Showers and 32 ish weeks.

32 ish, because of course, I forgot to take a picture at the right time. Oopsies.
I had two, count them TWO, baby showers this weekend. They were amazing and lovely and filled with people I love and presents.

Seriously, we got sooooooooo many things that they didn't even all fit in our car and my parents are bringing the rest! This baby is going to be well loved and has more clothes than me. (That last part may not be true--but he got a lot.) My laundry basket is overflowing with baby items including tiny socks that I'm doubtful we will have 2 of for very long. If only the organization fairy would show up and move everything from my kitchen to perfectly organized drawers and baskets in his room. I believe that this fairy and the lady who clean my house are one in the same. They each have a love for sno cones and shopping.

I bought a mattress today! So this is kind of the last large item that we need to make the room look put together. We are still waiting for the glider and the name sign to arrive. I can't wait for everything to be "done".
I'm hoping to get lots of work done on the room this week. I can't WAIT to post pictures--mostly because I can't wait for it to be finished. I'm in the midst of doing laundry, organizing, bla bla bla. Will keep you updated!


CDS said...

love the SMU things! I got Baby Slesnick SMU gear when I was in Dallas in March. :) You look gorgeous!!

Elizabeth said...

Tip: put the tiny socks in your lingerie bag when you put them in the washer/dryer. You're much more likely to keep pairs that way...

Rebecca said...

how fun!! You look great!! Only 8 more weeks!! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the nursery.