Tuesday, March 29, 2011

8 months.

My baby is 8 months old. He loves to crawl. He loves for me to hold him while he plays. He LOVES to read books. It's part of how I know he's mine. He will bypass toys--just to go for a book. Especially a book that is currently behind our glider and covered in plastic. Hells yes mother of the year.

He will now stop and smile for the camera.

This is the face I see. If I move. He follows. Dear mom, please hold me while I play and read books. And, should you have the camera... I'd like to grab the strap.

Guess who loves to stand up? Especially if I put an iphone on the glider. I'd say he would totally run a marathon if we dangled the iphone in front of him. However, every time I type "marathon" I actually type "mara-thong" which is just weird. I also type "Christ" every time I mean to type "Chris." Chris is my brother in law. Could be an awkward sentence there.
How big is he? Seriously!!!!

I'm pretty sure that he is surfing here.

It's my favorite stage. I think that every time he gets any older.

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