Sunday, March 13, 2011

lets paint that old barn door.

Ben is out of town. There. I said it. It's only for tonight. Well, today really. I didn't post earlier because I didn't want any stalkers while I hadn't put on my face. Not that I've put it on now--unless you count eating cookies.

Today I obsessively cleaned. Ob. Sess. Iv. Ly. (I left out the "e" because then it would have been ivy and that just doesn't make sense at all. And, when I hear the word poison ivy it makes me think of Drew Barrymore. Anyone? Anyone?) When the Dr is in we hang out, we run errands, we go on walks, we have adult beverages. I mean, I clean during the day when he's here, but not like when he's not. It's not pretty. It's like when I was nesting. For reals. I need him to go out of town a little more often and be a little more disgusted by my house.

There. There is my dirty little secret.

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